What makes us stand out?

We are a collection of leadership coaches and consultants with many decades of experience. We distinguish ourselves because:

  • • In all our work, we bring in our expertise in systems thinking and individual, team and organizational development to strengthen our value to you.
  • • As consultants, we begin by first acutely understanding your situation before prescribing a solution. And our solutions start where YOU are to build from what you’ve already accomplished.
  • • As coaches, we first learn about your strengths, values, and goals to create a strong foundation. Then we coach to expand your own self-awareness, overcome hurdles and use your strengths and values to achieve your goals.


People often ask, “Where did the name BluOpal come from?”

We were inspired by the beauty of the blue opal gemstone. When you first come upon a blue opal gem, you may only notice an uneven field of blue. And only by looking at the gemstone closer, in a good light, you become introduced to the brilliance and depth of all the shimmering colors of the spectrum within.

The same is true with people. If you consider leadership development as something done to the masses … you cannot achieve the extraordinary results you desire from people. For truly inspired leadership, one must take the time to first come closer and notice, develop, evoke…the true brilliance of strengths and potential that exists in each of us … and then can the team begin to develop together and achieve maximum potential.

BluOpal is a reminder that in organizations we are most fully developed, led, and inspired one person at a time.


Values are fundamental principles or standards of behavior that guide people in all relationships. BluOpal Values guide our actions and behavior to act with integrity and consistency with you.

These are values you can count on from us:


Together we discover what abundant results are for you. We spend time building with you, understanding your situation and guiding your progress. We help you in ways beyond the formal solutions written in our proposals.


Reflection on all the gifts in our lives generates a joyous expression of thankfulness to those with whom we work. This way of living helps us better serve you.


Entertainment and enjoyment in learning helps to promote deep and sustained knowledge as well as wisdom for the long term.


To continually produce great outcomes, you can count on the best and brightest BluOpal team to inspire your cornerstones of achievement.


You, the client are our partner. Together we build purposeful connections to help you shine from this foundation. This connection is built to thrive beyond our work together.