Frustrated with attempts to ignite the spark in your team?

Achieve sustainable results with BluOpal COACHING

Be a leading edge team, driving your industry
Develop, engage & retain effective leaders
Prepare your leaders for extraordinary times
Energize improved performance, collaboration & communication in teams


We’ll help you to discover your fundamental strengths, clarify goals, and take ownership in developing your leadership. We’ll also help you to develop emotional control and respond effectively to people in any situation.

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
    • Evoke and inspire the best from your leaders to seize strategic opportunity, plan and implement change while inspiring the same vigor and commitment in others.
  • Physician Coaching
    • Develop the physicians to go beyond healing and wellness to create a more fulfilling experience for their patients and engagement with their professional team.


We’ll help your team create a work environment that fosters mutual engagement and alignment and that fosters communication to develop best practices and solutions together. We facilitate dialogue to set goals and empower the team through its strengths.

  • Customized Solutions for your Team
    • Maximize your team effectiveness by managing conflict, focusing on mutual goals, and working together for desired results.

What people are saying about our coaching

You made a deep impression on me and were a compassionate catalyst for change in my life. I am no longer the walking dead or sleep-walking through this life. I am alive and enjoying the aliveness, filled with all its sorrow and joy. Thank you for nudging me when I needed it. It was the beginning of my second act.


This has been a great year of growth and change. It’s the year where I will see the fruits of my labor. I wouldn’t be here without the support and guidance you have provided me. Thank you for being there.


I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I use something I learned in the coaching sessions on a daily basis. I am doing things I never used to do and look forward to seizing opportunities to build upon my new discoveries.


Struggling to thrive in times of change?

Achieve rapid and lasting results with BluOpal CONSULTING

Live your desired work culture
See what is and is not working more clearly
Unleash your team’s capacity
Create the framework from which to leverage your most valuable assets


Engage stakeholders in the process which clarifies mission, creates vision, identifies strategic goals and ignites action.


From Board meetings to executive discussions, create a more productive organization with great strength and alignment.


  • Emphasize authentic dialogue to open communication and invite new ideas, encouraging creative solutions to challenging problems while building strong relationships.
  • Focus on business objectives by offering assessments and suggested solutions that come from empirical data.
  • Balance polarity management to ensure sustainable functioning of your organization.


  • Help your organization articulate and truly live your values through declared behavioral actions.

What people are saying about our consulting

I really enjoyed our session. I felt very empowered and thoughtful afterward. That session helped to provide me clarity, and WORDS to better express myself. I appreciate everything BluOpal has done for me


The sessions were extremely helpful in evaluating my own past performance as well as chart a course for career development and progression.  It was an excellent opportunity to hear perspectives and advice from someone outside of the organization.  The largest change I noticed with myself is being far more aware, not in retrospect, but in the moment itself allowing me the ability to react to that moment in a far more measured manner.


This has been a great year of growth and change. It’s the year where I will see the fruits of my labor. I wouldn’t be here without the support and guidance you have provided me. Thank you for being there.


Want to take your team members to the next level?

Achieve results through BluOpal LEARNING

Develop solutions together
Establish ownership and conscious choice leadership
Evoke the highest level of performance in your individuals and your team
Advance your team’s skills, values and alignment

BluOpal works with your desired outcomes to provide workshops and retreats such as:

Service Excellence, Coaching Skills for Leaders, Building Internal Coaches, Leadership & Building Relationships, Working with Conflict, Developing Creative Communication Skills

What people are saying about our workshops and retreats

We have heard all positive comments from our day together! Tremendous discussions, open and honest dialogue, fun exercises, and thoughtful sharing of ideas. Another great day of learning and opening our eyes to improving communication, as well as using techniques that allow us to be self-aware and able to listen to others before we respond.


Many thanks to you and your colleagues for the excellent presentation last week. I think your dialogue coaching could have a profound effect on the justices' relationships as we go forward.


Good results all around and positive feedback from staff.  While the work load continues to be intense, staff continue to connect with the mission of the organization and our member hospitals. I look forward to staying in contact and without a doubt, you all will be at the top of my list as future needs arise.


What do you need? Talk with BluOpal to shape what is next!